“I support strong environmental legislation for the sake of public health, the health of NC ecosystems, and our children’s future. As your voice in the General Assembly, I will fight to protect clean air, water, and soil. We live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, and we need to work together to make sure it remains beautiful for generations to come.”

A proven record protecting our environment:

  • Susan has been a leading voice in the legislature for clean energy, clean water, and clean air. She has a strong record on environmental issues, and has worked hard in Raleigh to protect our environment. Susan has received a rating of 100% from Environment NC on their legislative scorecard for her record as a champion of the environment and has been endorsed by Sierra Club, Conservation Council of NC, and the Environmental Defense Fund.
  • Susan helped pass the Clean Cars Bill, the Energy Future Bill, and other important legislation aimed at cleaning up our environment, decreasing greenhouse gases, and supporting renewable energy.
  • Susan supported the allocation of $5 million of the funds received by North Carolina under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to the Green Business Fund, which provides grants to private businesses with less than 100 employees, non-profit organizations, and state agencies to encourage the growth of a green economy in North Carolina.
  • Susan introduced the Farmland Preservation Funds Act to appropriate funds for farmland preservation to the North Carolina Agricultural Development and Farmland Preservation Trust Fund to be used for the acquisition of agricultural conservation easements or for the preservation of farmland.
  • Susan championed a bill passed last year to allow solar panels in all residential areas, including historic districts. She was a primary sponsor of a bill to promote the development of wind energy in a manner compatible with environmental protection, sustainable development, and the efficient use of resources. During her time in the NC House, Susan has worked hard to support clean, renewable energy across North Carolina.
  • Susan was a primary sponsor of a bill calling for a moratorium on coal-fired power plants in NC, a primary sponsor of the Appalachian Mountains Preservation Act, which would prohibit electric public utilities that operate coal-fired generating units located in North Carolina from purchasing or using coal that is extracted using mountaintop removal coal mining, and a primary sponsor of a bill that would mandate that the state of North Carolina divest from Massey Energy, which engages in mountaintop removal and endangers workers.
  • Susan introduced the Environmental Enforcement Accountability Act, directing the NC Department of Environment and Natural resources to establish and maintain a list of chronic violators and a database of enforcement actions and to further discourage violations relating to the environment.
  • Susan introduced the Renewable Fuels Motor Fuels Tax Exemption to exempt biodiesel, fuel alcohol, and gasohol from state motor fuel excise tax to help reduce dependence on petroleum and improve air quality.
  • Susan introduced and helped pass a law funding stream mapping to improve documentation of surface waters in NC to aid in conservation.
  • Susan introduced the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard Act to promote the development of renewable energy in the state through implementation of a renewable energy portfolio standard.
  • Susan introduced the Mercury Reduction and Education Act to reduce the quantity of mercury that is released into the environment.
  • Susan introduced the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Funds Act to appropriate funds to global warming initiatives to assist companies and state facilities in increasing energy efficiency and environmental performance and in reducing their greenhouse gas emissions and to report greenhouse gas emissions to the federal voluntary greenhouse gas reporting program and to the North Carolina global warming registry.
  • Susan introduced legislation directing state agencies to evaluate and report annually on their activities and research related to greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.
  • She introduced the Energy Future Act requiring the NC Utilities Commission to do a comprehensive assessment of the least cost mix of generation and demand for electricity in light of public health, environmental impacts, and other impacts of the full fuel cycle.
  • Susan voted to extend Renewable Energy tax credits, and has supported other successful to encourage investments in renewable energy by individuals, businesses, and municipalities.
  • Locally, Susan worked to protect the Woodfin watershed and spoke out against Progress Energy’s plan to build a coal-fired power plant in Woodfin. She has consistently supported strong statewide steep slope legislation to protect public safety, property owners, and the environment.


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