“My number one priority in the legislature is education. I believe that investing in education is the most important thing we can do for our economy and our future. You can count on me to protect education at every level.”

As a parent and as former Chair of the Asheville City School Board, Susan strongly believes that our public schools need resources to provide quality education for all students.

Susan has worked to increase education funding, preserve teaching positions, prevent overcrowded classrooms, and ensure that essential education programs have the resources they need.

Susan believes that all children deserve a healthy start with access to health care, all children deserve quality childcare, and all children deserve a quality public education.

Susan believes that community colleges are vital resources in our communities, helping people re-tool, re-skill, and gain access to education to help re-build our economy. Susan fought to preserve funding for community colleges so that our community colleges can keep succeeding in the important work that they do.

A Proven Record for Education:

  • Susan fought to protect education funding as a core priority, preventing overcrowded classrooms and saving teacher jobs.
  • Susan led the efforts statewide to address North Carolina’s drop-out rate. As co-chair of a House select committee on dropout prevention, helped hold hearings across the state to collect ideas about how to improve North Carolina’s graduation rate. This effort collected the best ideas from around the state for keeping kids in school, and is now working to replicate successful programs, helping more students to stay in school and graduate so that they can succeed in life.
  • To help students who are facing challenges in our education system, Susan has supported the Disadvantaged Student Supplemental Fund, funding for programs for children with disabilities, and literacy coaches for middle schools.
  • Understanding that it is hard for students to succeed in school when they are subjected to bullying and harassment, Susan championed the School Violence Prevention Act, a law that protect students in public school who are harassed for reasons related to race, religion, disabilities and perceived sexual orientation.
  • Susan is deeply committed to increasing access to higher education in North Carolina. She believes that every North Carolina high school student should have access to higher education. She supported the creation of the Education Access Rewards North Carolina, or EARN, Scholars Program, providing scholarships of $4,000 per year to 25,000 community college and UNC system students based on financial need. She also helped significantly increase need-based financial aid for students in the University of North Carolina system. She also helped bolster North Carolina’s “529” college savings fund by allowing more people to contribute more money each year to the tax-free accounts. All of these commitments in combination will help increase access to higher education for all North Carolinians.
  • Susan understands that high-quality education depends on highly qualified teachers. North Carolina must remain competitive with other states, which includes training, recruiting and keeping the most qualified teachers in our classrooms. Susan has consistently supported efforts to increase teachers’ salaries to the national average and beyond and to improve working conditions for educators. She helped protect K-3 teaching positions even when budget cuts had to be made.

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